Tree Trimming & Removal Services

By Lago Tree Pros

The skilled tree care professionals at Lago Tree Pros provide commercial and residential customers throughout Terre Haute with a variety of tree trimming maintenance and removal services. We have the equipment and know-how necessary to keep your home, commercial, or institutional buildings safe and the surrounding landscape looking polished and pristine, including licensed arborists.

Tree Removal Services
Tree, Stump, and Bush Removal

A blight in an otherwise professional exterior, old trees and stumps pose a potential hazard. Ignoring old trees is easy to do, but after a strong storm, the resulting damage due to a downed tree is impossible to ignore and expensive to repair.

Lago Tree Pros provides complete tree and stump removal using a variety of company owned, specialty equipment made to remove these items with little to no impact on the surrounding areas. We also specialize is removing those pesky bushes that have rooted themselves in your front yard for the last 60 years. A quick and easy way to stay safe and update the look of your landscaping.

Brush and Log Hauling

At Lago, we finish what we start. After unearthing those unnecessary old trees, stumps, brush, and bushes, our tree professionals will haul all unwanted debris off your property and to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Emergency Tree Removal
Nothing’s worse than realizing you’re property and or loved ones are in a dangerous situation. If you notice a tree that is teetering dangerously close to falling, call Lago Tree Pros right away, we make the time to keep you safe.

Tree Maintenance Services

Tree and Bush Pruning

Trees and bushes around your home and business add beauty and peacefulness to the area. Proper trimming and maintenance are natural steps to ensuring these trees live a long and happy life – looking lush and healthy instead of overgrown and half alive. Lago Tree Pros have the equipment and experience needed to take proper care of your trees and bushes, enhancing the value and beauty of your property, one tree at a time.

Limb Removal

Bucket truck crane service is also available through Lago Tree Pros. Using an all wheel drive, bucket-equipped vehicle with a crane, Lago is able to access hard-to-reach limbs and complete every project safely and efficiently.

Contact Lago Tree Pros today to learn more about our fleet of vehicles and equipment, professional certifications, and how our experienced staff and can help your landscaping look its very best through proper tree trimming, maintenance and removal services. 

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Tree Service Solutions 

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Bush Trimming and Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Brush Removal
  • Brush and log hauling
  • Bucket Truck Service 
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